So I've been fascinated by videogames most of my life and more recently decided fulfill some of my dreams by creating my own games.

I've used mod tools with various 'First Person Shooting' game engines such as the Unreal Engine, Id Tech 2,3 and 4 and Valve's Source engine as well as the more recent Unity engine. But as the gaming landscape is changing to a more web based dynamic together with my passion for web technologies; I've been looking into Flash, HTML5 and Javascript based games in an attempt to merge two of my most loved pasttimes.

I'm currently working on a yet untitled Flash based platform shooter using a great tool called StencylWorks. The project is shaping up to be a sci-fi extravaganza with a low-fi 8bit look, plenty of robots, mecha, zombies, monsters, weapons, spaceships, villans and heroes all wrapped in a fun, simple post-apocalyptic space odyssey! I can't wait to show you my first game!


Tote Systems

A Tote (totalisator) system provides connectivity for clients and customers to racing/sport wagering facilities provided by a Tote company. I've worked with them for around 8 years managing projects that provide solutions and services to both B2B and B2C clients from around the globe, working to connect them to the racing markets of the world.

Tote systems primarily consist of a 'hub' which are racing/sport database systems that manage and control wagering data while providing a wide number of betting solutions to be connected to it. Hub facilities include configurable wager type options, transactional APIs, data feeds for odds, prices, pool information etc., account managment, content regulation and restriction management and reporting technology.

I've worked with Amtote Spectrum Tote System technology for a long time; managing, supporting and developing hub systems for some of the world's leading international tote solution providers under one of the worlds most regulated wagering juristications. Technically, the work encompasses networking, programming, database administration, system infrastructure development as well as web service technology and website management.

If you work with tote systems or have an interest in finding out more regarding them, perhaps I can help. For more information on my experience with Tote technology, please visit my sub-site: Totefolio

More About Me

So more about me? Well, I'm 30 years old and live in the Isle of Man. I love computing, videogames, music, travel and shooting; very much a self-confessed geek and love it!

So what does a 'computer creative' do? Simply put, I just love making things with computers! Websites, music, games, apps, icons, logos, the list goes on. As long as I'm making new and fun things with my macbook pro, I'm happy.

This site isn't just about my web design work but is my home on the web. It's the hub of my creative work and a showcase of what I love, right in one place.

I work in the IT industry, developing and managing system infrastructures and computer networks for an e-gaming business. It's a great experience, both challenging and rewarding while rarely boring.

When not stuck in front of a computer, I enjoy getting out for some exercise and fresh air, playing music or target shooting. I'm also a keen traveller and enjoy getting out there and seeing the world.

If you would like to know more professionally focused information about me, please take a look at my CV or check out my LinkedIn page. If you want to find out where i've been partying, Facebook is, as always, the all seeing eye!


Welcome to the Wishynet. My name is Paul Williamson and this is my home on the web. I'm a freelance web designer and all-round computer creative based in the Isle of Man.

I love to build fun, simple, pretty and functional web experiences. The technologies I mainly like to use are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, GIMP and Ubuntu Linux.

If you like any of my stuff and would like me to work with you on an idea or project, why not get in touch? The quickest way to reach me is via email or find me on social networks.



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